Alhambra - Power of the Sultan
Alhambra - Power of the Sultan

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Alhambra - Power of the Sultan
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This is the 5th expansion for the base-game Alhambra.

As in all the other expansions, this one contains 4 new modules. they are as follows:

-The Caravan. Cards and markers.
These special cards can be taken. Every turn you may increase the indicated amount of money on the card and use it to buy buildings.

-The art of the Moorish. Tiles.
With these tiles you can get extra points for the amount of buildings you have of the same value.

-The power of the sutan. Cards and a dice.
You can buy the card for 7 of the indicated color. Then you role the dice and mark the building on the card. When a new building of that color is added to the building site, you can take it, even if it is not your turn.

-The new valuecards. Tiles.
At the beginning of the game you draw 3 tiles which show different rankingorders for the buildings for the three valuations.