Animeeples: Wooden Farm Animal Set
Animeeples: Wooden Farm Animal Set

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Animeeples: Wooden Farm Animal Set
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From the publisher: What is this item all about? Do your kids like to watch you play board games? Do they constantly play around with your wooden game parts or other tokens? Well this can solve the problem, put a few of these off to the side when setting up any game as they are game-token sized and of high quality wood. Put a couple at random out on the board for no apparent reason and then when your kids try to play with your tokens or other actual important items, hand them a few of these to play with! Problem solved, they can do all kinds of cool stuff with them and it will save your game!

These can also be used to replace other parts for other games if you so choose, have fun by trading out your Carcassonne meeples for sheep, pigs and cattle, or use them to replace the components in El Grande, Settlers of Catan, Agricola, Clue or many other games. Yes Clue. It was Mrs. Sheep in the ballroom with the lead pipe. Many of the preorders have mentioned they plan to use the sheep in place of Coal on Powergrid. Yes burn sheep to fuel your factories! We don't care what you do with them, just buy them :) Pictures will be posted as soon as production is finalized, but rest assured this collectible set is of high production value.