Bacchus' Banquet
Bacchus' Banquet

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Bacchus' Banquet
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From the publisher:

"It is 37 AD and Caligula is the extravagant Emperor of Rome! It is a time of excesses. It is a time of intrigue. And the latest gala in Caligulas short reign is starting tonightBacchus Banquet!"


"As a player, you are one of the nine honored guestseach with his or her own secret objective. You might be a glutton who is only there for the food and wine. You might be an avaricious opportunist longing for the presents that are often bestowed. You might be a conspirator in one of the many plots to kidnap or assassinate the Emperor. You might even be Caligula himself, exploiting the all-too-human foibles of his groveling subjects."