Bankruptcy: The Card Game
Bankruptcy: The Card Game

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Bankruptcy: The Card Game
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Insider Trading, Outsourcing, Cooking the Books. Who said CEOs should have all the fun of running a company into the ground?

Now, with Bankruptcy: The Card Game, you and your friends can join in the fun! This fast paced game pits 2-6 players in a game of oneupmanship and dirty deals to see who can be the first to declare Bankruptcy!

Bankruptcy: The Card Game is a fast-paced game that plays similar to Uno, in that the object of the game is to be the first player to declare "Bankruptcy" and have an empty hand.

The game has 110 cards, which consist of Stock Share cards with values from 1 to 10, Bull Market cards that can be played to force any player to draw 1 to 4 cards, Bear Market cards that can be played to allow the player to discard Stock Share cards, and Special Edition cards that affect the game in alternative ways.