Chang Cheng
Chang Cheng

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Chang Cheng
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More than 2500 years ago, the emperor of the Qin dynasty decided to protect his prolific provinces of northern China from the frequent barbaric invasions, building and joining several fortified fortresses. So he nominate his most faithful imperial officers to oversee the construction, promising riches and honours to the first who would have completed what now represents one of the most remarkable works produced by men: Chang Cheng, the Great Chinese Wall.

Dress the clothes of one of the 4 officers of the emperor and try to increase your reputation to his eyes.

Build parts of the Great Wall trying to defend the Chinese provinces and competing with the other players to gain the reputation that comes from protecting the most important ones.

But beware of the threat of the Mongols that hangs near the border. Build with cleverness, because every part of the wall that you build has also to be defended and you have to consider the Mongol threat that burden on each of them.

More are the provinces that you protect, more is the reputation that you gain but also the threat of having losses when the Mongols attack. All players have the same opportunities and the final victory depends exclusively on you.