Clue Board Game
Clue Board Game

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Clue Board Game
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Clue Game Parker Brothers/Hasbro Games

Clue, the original mystery board game.

Hasbro's classic Clue murder-mystery game is getting a modern-day makeover! An extravagant celebrity-style mansion becomes the scene for the night in question when the rich owner of the property is tragically killed. While the usual suspects remain the same, new rooms and new deadly weapons provide twists to the classic game. Additionally, the introduction of game changing elements such as Clock cards and Intrigue cards quickens the pace of the game and keeps players on the edge of their seats until time runs out and more than one person is found dead in the mansion.Navigate through the lavish rooms of the mansion and discover clues that will help you uncover the secrets to solve the "who", "where" and "with what" of the mystery. Each player is the holder of several clues that may help determine the winning solution. By rolling the die and moving through the mansion, players start rumors and discover clues, which will help them guess the solution to the puzzle. But, they must make sure the accusation is well thought out--if a player guesses wrong they will be out of the game!! The winner is the first player who figures out who killed the host, the weapon used and in which room.

Ages 8-Adult 3-6 players