Jenga Stacking Game
Jenga Stacking Game

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Jenga Stacking Game
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Jenga Game Parker Brothers Hasbro Games.

- Jenga, the blockbuster of all stacking games.

- Players try to pull out the blocks and place them on top...without toppling the teetering tower.

- Genuine hardwood blocks.

- Ages 8 and up. 1 or more Players.

Step One: Take wooden block from the tower and place it (gently) on top. Hold breath and wait. Step two: Take turns repeating step one until tower wiggles, wobbles, and finally comes crashing down. The last one to put a block on without making it fall is the winner. And besides the nerve-racking excitement of the original wood Jenga, there's also Throw 'n Go Jenga with brightly colored wood blocks. With Throw n Go Jenga there's a six sided die that tells you which block to pull (or in some particularly cruel instances, which two blocks to pull).