Monopoly: Star Trek Continuum
Monopoly: Star Trek Continuum

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Monopoly: Star Trek Continuum
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Star Trek Continuum Monopoly USAopoly.

The Mission Continues! Travel through the Star Trek Continuum and explore generations of exciting Starfleet history. Buy, sell and trade some of the most memorable Star Trek locations that make up the Continuum, from founding Federation homeworlds such as Andoria and Vulcan to other memorable worlds including Bajor, Cardassia Prime and New Founder’s Homeworld. Compete to own the entire Continuum. This quest enables all fans to experience the historic adventures of their favorite captains as they travel around the Galaxy, exploring the worlds of Star Trek. Engage! Game comes complete with 6 collectible pewter tokens including the Captain’s Chair, Communicator, Klingon Blood Wine Goblet, Shuttlecraft, Vulcan Harp and the Phaser. AGES 8+ 2-6 players blah />