Space Beans
Space Beans

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Space Beans
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This game is the successor to the popular Bohnanza but is less complex and has less player interaction.

Players attempt to collect 30 points in "trophies" to win the game. This is accomplished by working with up to two collections of space beans--1 public and 1 secret collection.

The primary mechanic is drawing beans, placing them in one of your collections: public or private (if you have any to play), then passing your hand to the player on your right. If you compile a collection that contains a number of beans equal to the number value on one of beans in the collection you may redeem the collection for the same amount of points on that card.

For example: If a player has an opening for a collection, and draws a card of any collection type which has a number '1' on it, that card can be redeemed immediately as a collection of one, for a trophy value of one.

At that point, the card with that number is kept as a "trophy". When any collection is redeemed, the rest of the cards, apart from the trophy card, are discarded.