Tomb Cryptmaster
Tomb Cryptmaster

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Tomb Cryptmaster
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Recruit a Party. Kill the Monsters. Take Their Stuff!

Tomb pits opponents against one another in a fast-paced action game of monsters, traps, treasures, and spells. Tomb captures the dungeon crawl experience without hours of preparation. Just grab your party and go!

Every Time you Play, the Game is Different

Assemble a crack squad of adventurers and enter the fabled Goldenaxe Catacombs in search of glory and hidden treasure. And with Tombs unique set up and character recruitment, youll never play the same game twice.

Tomb: Crypt Master introduces two new boards, 80 new characters, 400 new cards, more spells, items, prayers, and tactics, and a new deck: the Crypt Master deck, which contains cards you can use to terrorize your opponents when they foolishly enter a crypt with surprises you have prepared.