Triology Game
Triology Game

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Triology Game
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Triology Game Set Enterprises.

Triology shares the same rule of logic as the world famous visualization game SET. Triology draws on both ways of thinking - serial/logical/left brain, and parallel/right brain as each player determines what SETS to make from the cards in their hand and when to play them. Strategy plays a vital part in winning. While cards put down in SETS count for you, they can be stolen. If held in your hand the cards can be used to steal other players points, but they will count against you if someone goes out. Triology will stimulate you and your friends.

Playing Triology develops social skills as a natural consequence of playing a turn game. In addition, the element of taking other player's SETS fosters both social and personal skills. The successful takeover of another player's SETS skills instills a strong sense of personal value. Even when a team loses, students have the satisfaction of finding all the SETS they have recognized. Shares the game features of the world famous game of SET plus standard rummy style of rules. The beginner level does not involve strategy, but master level is pure strategy.

2 or more players.