Tripoley Game Special Edition
Tripoley Game Special Edition

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Tripoley Game Special Edition
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Tripoley® Special Edition Game Cadaco

For over 65 years Tripoley has combined elements of strategy and risk making this a classic family game. The Game of Michigan Rummy, Hearts & Poker One of Cadaco's classic games is also one of America's favorites! Strategy and luck are behind every move as you bet and win chips for three popular games. Start with Hearts and win chips for specific cards in your hand. On to Poker where you must try to make the best hand you can. Is it better than your opponents'? Then bet high! Michigan Rummy can be intense as you desperately try to get rid of all the cards in your hand to win the chips in the Kitty. The player with the most chips after playing all three games is the winner! Ages 8+