Vegimeeples: Deluxe Euro Token Set
Vegimeeples: Deluxe Euro Token Set

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Vegimeeples: Deluxe Euro Token Set
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The total number of pieces is 33 wood, 27 bricks, 15 white tokens, 20 stone, 27 wheat, 20 gold, 18 carrots and 36 additional food (12 each of bread, fish and drum-sticks/chicken leg). Total of 196 pieces all together.

So what can you do with this set? Many kids say they are very very excited to play Farm with them, only with smaller, high-quality wooden components. They will also be a good generic token replacement set, you could use them for Stone Age, Powergird, or just about any other "euro" game. Use the wood to power your Powergrid factories! Use all of the Stone, Gold and Wood for Kingsburg! Use these for Agricola! Try them for any other game!