Zobmondo Classic
Zobmondo Classic

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Zobmondo Classic
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Zobmondo!! Would You Rather takes the idea of parlor game questions to a new level of debate and lunacy. WOULD YOU RATHER have five bottles stuck on the fingers of one hand for a year -OR- a bucket stuck on your foot for a year? "Neither" is not an option here! No matter how awful the alternatives are, it's up to the group to reach a consensus. Read the "would you rather" question, then let the conversation and laughter rip. Discuss and debate the mind-boggling options and see just how long it takes you all to agree on the absurd! To win, you must move around the board by correctly predicting the group consensus to each of your questions and complete three of the even more absurd "would you rather" challenges. Would you rather...Age only from the neck up-OR-age only from the neck down? In this version, you’ll find questions that are ethical, bizarre and mind-bending, but each is a field-tested conversation starter that is guaranteed to provoke ridiculous fun, break the ice at any party, and – if played correctly – open a unique window into the wild imaginations of friends and family! Number of Players: 4 or more players. Ages 12 to Adult. Playing Time: 45 or more hilarious minutes.

Aftershock Educational Insights.

Aftershock! Build at your own risk! In this fast-paced, talking electronic game, players race to build a tower of blocks before the timer activates the shaking, quaking tower base. It's a dizzying race against the clock to place your block without starting a tower-tumbling Aftershock!