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Fast Food Legend
Fast Food Legend
by Spotted Owl Games (2015)
Player Count
2 to 4

Playing Time
1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Card Game
  • Economic
  • Humor
  • Designers
  • Michael Halpin
  • Shoji Mcghee
  • Mechanisms
  • Auction/Bidding
  • Commodity Speculation
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Hand Management
  • Take That
  • Artists
  • Don Aguillo
  • Family
  • Food / Cooking
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Rating: 3.54/10 from 5 users


    Hilarious strategy card game where demand determines the price of ingredients and new restaurants go to the highest bidder. It will have you laughing out loud, rolling in the dough, and comes with enough non-potato twists that you can never quite be sure if you have victory in the bag.

    Fast Food Legend is for 2-4 players (or up to 8 with two copies of the game).

    It is 1950 and “fast food” won’t be in the dictionary for another year. You’ve just returned from a trip to San Bernardino, California, where you ate at the McDonald brothers restaurant and witnessed their “Speedee Service System.” Sure, there are other fast food restaurants like White Castle, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Jack in the Box, but you can tell this assembly line based cooking system is innovative and will revolutionize the way the fast food industry operates. You can tell there is money to be made and you intend to be the one making it. You decide to start opening your own fast food restaurants, but unfortunately for you, you’re not the only one.

    How will you distinguish yourself from your competitors? Will you start with the idea of the assembly line and focus on becoming even more productive? Will you focus on marketing to win people’s hearts (and dollars)? Maybe you will focus on regulations, making friends with the politically powerful (all in the name of the consumer, of course). Or maybe you will just be a criminal, offering “protection” to your rivals and laundering money through your restaurants. Whatever you choose, do you have what it takes to defeat your opponents and become a fast food legend?

    In addition to the four business focuses (production, marketing, regulatory, criminal), knowing how to play the market is a very important part of the game and adds a whole level of strategy. What you can do is directly tied to which franchises you have purchased during the auction phase. Will you try to corner the chicken market to keep your prices low and margin high or will you try to drive up everyone's prices knowing (hoping?) they won't be able to keep up with your production deck? Will you stock up on inventory this turn hoping to not need any next turn?

    Every player starts the game with five cards (one block hostile action and four random cards from the top of their deck).

    1. Buy franchises (auction style with the minimum bid listed on the card) Play moves clockwise during this phase.
    2. Buy food (prices range from $1k to $20k. After all players purchase their food the price adjusts up $1k for each player who bought it and down $1k for each player who didn't). Play moves clockwise during this phase.
    3. Draw a card (all players draw from the top of their deck at the same time)
    4. Trade one or more cards (trade cards with other players or (depending on the number of players) discard to draw from the community pile).
    5. Sell your food (for every unit of food you sell, you get $25k) Play moves clockwise during this phase.
    6. Determine first player (then start with #1 and do it all again)

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