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Security Council
Security Council
by CHOU! Games (2016)
Player Count
2 to 6

Player Ages

Playing Time
1 hour to 3 hours
  • Political
  • Wargame
  • Territory Building
  • Print & Play
  • Designers
  • Dan Chou
  • Mechanisms
  • Modular Board
  • Hand Management
  • Dice Rolling
  • Area Control / Area Influence
  • Player Elimination
  • Action / Movement Programming
  • Artists
  • Dan Chou
  • Brandon Borgman
  • Family
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
  • Rating: 7.2/10 from 5 users


    They finally did it, and we survived it: the greatest nuclear war. In the ruin of humanity, our tools of destruction lie in wait for their next master. As survivors flock to your settlement, they turn their hearts to you to create a future secure from the other savages. Choose your allies carefully and hold your plans close. Maintain dialogue between the other leaders, trade resources, plan coordinated attacks, and promise aid or revenge. It has become clear that only you and your newly formed Security Council can secure this world by suppressing your opponents' ambitions.

    A Game for the Nuclear Family
    Traditional war games scare away casual gamers. Instead, Security Council presents a diplomacy mechanic that is engaging enough for veteran players & approachable unit mechanics for casuals. Security Council is modular, scalable, quick to setup, intuitive mechanics, self explanatory cards and graphics, and it breeds discussion and post game memories!

    Security Council is a tile based modular zone-control, resource management, and diplomacy war board game. Own a war game that makes people laugh, conspire, shout, shake hands, and even flip a table or two. Security Council has reminiscent mechanics to classic war territory control war games but relies heavily on the diplomacy mechanic between players. Trading resources, forging alliances, planning coordinated attacks, and promising aid or sweet revenge is all a massive part of this game.

    Command troops in six glorious colors and expand your territory. Build and fire nuclear missiles to rain destruction upon your foes or to buy yourself an insurance policy. You and your friends are the Security Council. As an overview, begin by vying for territory with traditional troop warfare. To some, troop warfare is reminiscent of other war games but is resolved in a different way. Build up your nuke arsenal or nuclear deterrent! Next, fire your nukes or evacuate from your friends nukes! Can you strategically escape the end of days?

    Finally, take what is yours in the aftermath of humanity! All that remains are a resemblance of what your armies once were. Will you finally overwhelm your friends? Or will you miscalculate and end on the wrong side of history?

    Security Council began as an idea where a colleague simply wanted a board game where we could 'nuke' each other. It was sort of a running gag. From the start, I knew I didn't want a game glorified nuclear. The way Security Council plays makes nuking your friends seem utterly devastating as far as a means to progress through the game. Players incorporate a lot of thought into their diplomatic actions around the table and I believe it gives appropriate weight to the issue of nuclear war. Board games are about the people playing it! Truly that is why we play board games, to convene with those around us and Security Council is a medium that creates friends, adversaries, and special moments and memories for you!

    That being said, this is not an educational game, per say. Any thoughts formed about nuclear war is all a by product and up to each individual. It is filled with memories of players trying to be friends but enemies too. Many deals are struck and then rescinded when game conditions change. The act of playing with your friends is very fun and after each game new players are always eager to play again.

    I began with an existing board from another game. At the time, I envisioned the game would have it's own unique board. After some play testing, we saw that a board would create two problems. First, it would be difficult to balance. Second, it might limit novelty.

    Security Council was successfully funded on in December 2015.

    Parts List
    270 Plastic Color Cubes, 54 Game Cards, 36 Hex Tiles, 30 Factory Tokens, 12 Nuclear Missile Tokens, 1 Six Sided Die

    Players 3-6, Age 10+, 45-180 minutes, UPC 634041498498

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